#Metoo at home

My twins are in the same class at school, and for the past few months my daughter has complained off and on about a boy bothering her. He is rude to her, insults her, yells at her, the list goes on and on. Every time she brought this up, my son would get very angry because it just so happens that this other boy is a friend of his. He felt hurt that she said bad things about his friend. She felt hurt that he didn’t believe what she was saying. Everyone would blow up at each other and then go off to their own corners until the topic inevitably came up again.

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A Day in the Life

I wrote this post over 2 years ago. I think of it often, especially these past couple of weeks.

I always spend the last 20 minutes or so of my workout stretching on a mat in a quiet corner of the gym. A few minutes after I got on my mat today, a man came over, put his mat very close to mine, (less than a foot away), and began stretching as well. It felt like such a strange move, considering that it was an off time and not many people were at the gym. He had the floor almost entirely to himself, and he had chosen to place his mat mere inches from mine.
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