If I Made T-Shirt Slogans

The amazing reaction to this post- and the prospect of making a little scratch- inspired me to slap a few of these phrases onto some mugs and T-shirts. Get yours here!

I LOVE this new shirt I bought, but I’m not crazy about the phrase on it, (Trust The Universe ), so I’m going to make a line of workout clothes with more Leslie-like platitudes.

Here’s a working list:

“Follow your bliss. (Unless your bliss is killing puppies or something- then you should probably follow your therapist’s advice.)”

“Love conquers all. Except a T-Rex with a shark on its back shooting grenades from its gills. That could totally take love down.”

“Milk doesn’t automatically go bad on the ‘best by’ date- you’ve still got like a week.”

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“Nama-stay away from me if you’re going to talk through this whole workout.”

“Kale chips are disgusting.”

“Just put a towel over the sheets if they wet the bed in the middle of the night, it’s cool.”

“I  yoga *and* epidurals.”

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