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Past newsletter issues

Issue #17: February 2021 Newsletter- Stalking Cat Walkers, Pandemic Parenting Quiz, What I’m Listening To & More!

Issue #16: January 2021 Newsletter- History Is Exhausting, My Effing Podcast, What I’m Reading & More!

Issue #15: July 2020 Newsletter- 10 Things I Never Want To Hear Again, Something To Make You Laugh, What I’m Reading

Issue #14: February 2020 Newsletter- Impostor Syndrome For Cats, What I’m Watching, Tony Soprano Gifs, And More!

Issue #13: January 2020 Newsletter- Middle School Hunger Games, Meanwhile In Austin, What I’m Reading

Issue #12: December 2019 Newsletter- 12 Things To Make You Laugh, Cry, And/Or Feel Inspired

Issue #11: October 2019 Newsletter- Why I Should’ve Settled For The Possum, Meanwhile In Austin, What I’m Watching

Issue #10: September 2019 Newsletter- I’m 40 Now & The Fucks Are Flying, Pictures I Need To Upload, What I’m Reading

Issue #9: August 2019 Newsletter- Back To School Joy In Gifs, I Answer Your Questions, What I’m Listening To

Issue #8: July 2019 Newsletter~ Accidentally sexy edition~ Why did my ancestors have to be Puritans?, what I’m reading, and a NEW FEATURE

Issue #7: June 2019 Newsletter- Why you shouldn’t use Starbucks as your office around me, headshot rejects, and more

Issue #6: April 2019 Newsletter- Mommy Dearest 2.0, awkward pics , and popular post of the month

Issue #5: Revamped March 2019 Newsletter! Cannibalism for preschoolers, meet my new kittens, and what I’m into right now

Issue #4: February 2019 Newsletter- Share Like A Mutha

Issue #3: January 2019 Newsletter- Stubborn Like A Mutha

Issue #2: November 2018 Newsletter- Play Like A Mutha

Issue #1: October 2018- Welcome to the Like A Mutha Newsletter!